a new tank concept

If you are planning a new development or the extension of a plant, sub terrestrial or freestanding – then look no further than our new andoc® tanks, a name which stands for innovative and secure construction. Whilst purpose-built for drinking water, this can also be used for other requirements, we have planned our andoc® tanks with a most advantageous geometry:

  • flow-friendly basin in a very confined space
  • use of the outer walls as dividing walls
  • optimal connection of the sliding chamber

Our monolithic prefabricated tanks provide the quality features of:

  • bubble-lacking surface of the inner walls – therefore no surface coating necessary
  • drip-friendly slab underside which is inclined to the sliding chamber = optimal ventilation
  • extremely impermeable concrete according to W300 due to special production

Our andoc®tanks are especially economic with a useable volume of 300 to 1.500 cbm per water chamber. Make use of the innovative methods of planning of our novel geometric tank concept!